The basic premise of the book just came to me, it’s hard to know exactly where from. If I had to point to something then my visit to Dublin in the summer of 2013 definitely got me thinking about my Celtic roots and the traditional belief in the land of the fairie or fair folk ( the Tuatha Dé Danann in Gaelic). Ireland has a very different history to England. It was never part of the Roman Empire, never overrun by the Saxons and as a result the Celtic culture remains strong. I started thinking about what England would have been like in the Middle Ages without all the cultural changes brought about by successive invasions, Roman, Saxon, Viking, Norman. And I suppose that as a teacher it was natural that the main characters would be teenagers. But the first scene of a boy, sitting in a ancient hall, surrounded by faded glory, listening to a speech of welcome just appeared in my mind. And then of course I had to answer the questions that came with it. Who was he? Why was he there? What would happen to him?


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