Everyone has their Christmas Traditions and here is one of mine. Christmas Day, lunchtime, local pub, open fire, the father-in-law and a pint of real ale. This year the real ale was ‘Wobblegob’. Brewed on the premises and so named because of the effect that it has on the unwary. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the term, ‘gob’ is a northern dialect word for mouth, a term I find particularly expressive. ‘Shut yer gob!’ is a common playground instruction and if you really want to make the point the word can be extended to ‘gob-hole’ (hole being pronounced ‘oyal’ in Lincolnshire speak). Hence ‘Wobblegob’, a condition to which you are likely to succumb when you’ve had a few.

It occurs to me that you could do some interesting social research by tracking the names of real ales around a region. Whether or not you’d ever be sober enough to write up your findings is another matter.

By the way, Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year to all.


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