E is for Elidor

Elidor is a children’s book written by Alan Garner, possibly the greatest British fantasy writer. Not my opinion but that of Philip Pullman, writer of the ‘His Dark Materials’, who therefore can be considered to have paid his dues. Elidor is perhaps not Garner’s most famous book, that would probably be ‘The Owl Service’, but it is my favourite. Set in Manchester, it tells the story of four very ordinary children who find a portal to the magical world of Elidor while playing on a demolition site. Once there, they are caught up in a quest to rescue four magical objects from the forces of darkness. 
I love the fact that much like Garner’s other books , such as  ‘The Wierdstone of Brisingamen’, the fantasy elements are rooted firmly in the English landscape. The mythical intrudes on and interferes with the normal. Add to that Garner’s deep knowledge and understanding of British folklore and you have a truly magical story.


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