J is for Jinian Footseer


Jinian Footseer is the first in a trilogy of books by the author Sheri S. Tepper. The books are set in the world of the True Game, as are two other trilogies The Chronicles of Mavin Manyshaped and the Peter series. The three trilogies are interrelated and each of the characters appear throughout. In the world in which the books take place people are divided between those who have “talents” e.g. Shapeshifters, Armigers (who can fly), Seers (who can see the future) etc. and those who don’t. The ones who don’t are effectively pawns in the True Game, the contest (effectively war) between alliances of people who have talents.


The lands of the True Game are superbly realised and the nine book series develops a complex set of ideas to a fantastic conclusion. All of these books are relatively short as novels go and I think are aimed at a young adult audience. However I would say they could be read by any age group. I have read quite a few books by Sheri S. Tepper and I have enjoyed them all. I would recommend the Grass trilogy and The Awakeners. I like the fact that her books take viewpoints that are a bit different from normal SF or Fantasy (she has been described as a feminist Eco-terrorist!) and that makes for an interesting read.


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