L is for Lord of Light


I know I’ve written about this book before, when I did my three books for world book day post, but I just couldn’t resist putting it in again. Here’s what I said then:

Lord of Light is my favourite Science Fiction book. I say Science Fiction but Zelazny intentionally wrote it so it could be fantasy or science fiction. Written in 1967, I don’t think it has aged at all. I read it first in 1988 and it absolutely blew me away. I was at university at the time so I just skipped lectures and read the whole thing in one go. I can’t tell you too much without giving away the plot, suffice to say it is clever, imaginative, exciting.


In addition I would say that one of the reasons I like this book so much is that it blends so many ideas, such as religion, philosophy, science fiction, fantasy, and adventure, together with a gripping plot that keeps taking you in unexpected directions. I would love to write more, but I would spoil it for you, which is the last thing I would do.


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