P is for The Power That Preserves


The Power That Preserves is the third book in the first trilogy of the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, Unbeliever, by Stephen R. Donaldson. It is a high fantasy series which has some parallels with Lord of the Rings. For example it has a single evil entity, Lord Foul, who desires to enslave the whole world as well as a ring as a weapon of powerful magic. This is probably because both authors drew from the same rich Germanic legends. However there some noticable differences, in particular the ‘hero’, Thomas Covenant, is not from the fantasy Land. He is from modern day America, transported to the Land by magic. I put ‘hero’ because he is anything but that. He is actually a bitter and cynical man who refuses to believe that the Land he has been summoned to actually exists


I really like these books. They are extremely inventive and the storytelling is wonderful but as well as that the underlying psychology of series is fascinating. I read the first two trilogies and I didn’t realise there was a third until I did some research for this post. I’m putting them on my list.


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