X is for Xeno



Earth has been found…

This book contrasts wonderfully with War of the Worlds as blogged about in the previous post, a very different take on alien invasion. Written in the late 1970s and set in 1984, it starts like an episode of the X files with a plane disappearing mid flight and reappearing  hundreds of miles and several months off course. There is a touch of Close Encounters about it, except there are no benign alien visitors here, just the slow spread of fear.

The word Xeno means outsider, or alien, it’s where we get our word xenophobia from. I remember my Dad suggesting this book in the early eighties but I never got around to reading it so I ordered a copy (secondhand, I think it’s out of print) and I finished it last night. I’m really glad I read it. Although not necessarily an absolute classic it’s a good read. It is based on an interesting premise, is genuinely chilling and I didn’t predict the end until the last page.

Well, that’s X done. Only 2 days left. If you’re still reading these posts then thanks for hanging in there!



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