Brevity is the soul of wit


So you may have noticed that I posted a lot during April . I was doing the blogging from A to Z challenge and I posted a book review on every day except Sunday, I feel quite proud of myself !

You will have noticed I’ve posted nothing about how my book is going during this time. Well, things are now getting back to normal and it is time for an update.

I’ve finished revising my book. It took me a long time and I had to do quite a lot of work but I’m really happy with the result. The have been some significant changes, including the names of two of the main characters, but I feel like the whole thing hangs together now.

I’m now trying to prepare a submission pack for agents or publishers and guess what, I’m having trouble with the Synopsis. Now I know that traditionally this is the least favourite bit for a writer, but I thought it would be a breeze. You see I’m usually very good at summarising stuff. At university I famously reduced the entire cannon of Freud’s Psychodynamic theory to four words (resolving repressed childhood conflict – I’m still proud of that one). At school my geography teacher wrote on my report-

Economy of expression is a gift which Martin possesses in too much abundance”

which illustrates our diametrically opposed viewpoints on the matter. And yet I’m still struggling. I’ve done one which is too long, so either I have to summarise the summary or start again. Starting again looks like a good option at the moment.

I have had some good news on the publishing front which I will share with you next time.



4 thoughts on “Brevity is the soul of wit”

  1. Synopsis. It’s the writers’ synonysm for ‘hell’ isn’t it?
    Yes, I’d say starting over is the best of things. It may sound annoying, but the result will be much better.
    Ask me how I know it 😉

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