Publishing Success!

Some good news to share this week: one of my short stories is being published!

It’s called “The Third Thing That Made Me Kill Myself” and I wrote it last summer when I had a little spate of short story writing. After a few attempts at submissions I left it and got on with writing my book, but then a few weeks ago I saw something on Twitter that led me to a company called Centum Press, a new publisher specialising in anthologies of short stories.


I checked their submissions guidelines and found that one of my stories met the criteria and sent it off. Got an email back saying they liked it and wanted to include it in their first anthology, titled “One Hundred Voices”


Since then I’ve been completing a contract, supplying a short bio and even dealing with USA to UK tax law. A bit complex but definitely exciting!

Meanwhile I am just about ready to send my submission for my book to agents. I’ve decided to use Agenthunter to sort and select the ones to send it to.

Wish me luck!



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