A Huge Pile of Words


My brain is filled by a huge pile of words. At least that’s what it feels like.

I think the problem is that I have too many projects on the go. Now I think about it, I am currently working on all of the following:


The Arena of Lost Souls – Fantasy novel, 85000 words. Finished (Hurrah!) and now being sent out to agents.

The second book (working title!) – Fantasy sequel About 3000 words. Just starting chapter 2.


The third thing that made  me kill myself – 1500 words. Accepted for publication in an anthology by Centum Press, and out soon. (Hurrah!)

Incompatible – 2800 words. Written in June 15 and rejected by a range of publishers (Boo!). Untouched until last night when I had a sudden flash of inspiration and rewrote the end. Renamed as End User Agreement, it has a much better conclusion, I now just need to work on the beginning. And the middle.

The Robot that sat on my House – About 1750 words. Finished but I don’t like the end. I’m waiting for inspiration.

Sailing the dust (working title) – Sci Fi about deep space fishing and smuggling. Two sections that will eventually join. About 2000 words in total so far. Still got a way to go on this one.

Hungry Like the Wolf – about 1600 words so far. First person, present tense story from the viewpoint of someone who may well be a psychopath. Not totally sure where I am going with this but it feels like it could be a dark tale indeed.

Now I’ve listed them I’m not surprised that I’m feeling a bit jammed full of words, especially considering  I also work full time.

Still, wouldn’t want to get bored would I?





4 thoughts on “A Huge Pile of Words”

  1. It’s not necessarily bad as long as you can multitask well 😉 I usually have the same problem, resulting in total confusion and frustration and me putting away all those half-baked stories. Hope you’ll do better! 💪

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    1. I try to see it as all part of the process? Sometimes you have to leave stuff alone and then come back to it. Last tear I pulled out a painting I had started years ago and never finished. Looking at it with fresh eyes spurred me in to finish it and I was really pleased with the result. Hopefully that will work with writing too.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  2. What an interesting snapshot of where your words are ending up! Congratulations on your successes, and the insight too to recognise when something isn’t quite right with a piece. I can relate to needing to put work aside for further work or inspiration – some pieces need more time or some serious tweaking before they are ready to be sent out into the world. Thanks for sharing a bit about your process and your progress. Happy writing!

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    1. Thank you for your exceptionally kind words. I know I have a long way to go with writing but I feel like I’m starting to dimly see my way forward. Thanks for the encouragement!

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