Terrible Isolation


Any way of writing that isolates the writer from worldly acceptance offers the greatest creative efficiency. Isolation from other writers, and isolation from easy publishing. This gives one the terrible privacy so hard to bear, but necessary to get past the idea one has of oneself in relation to the world.

—Russell Edson, “Portrait of the Writer as a Fat Man”

reblogged from Alec Nevala-Lee’s excellent blog.

I have to say that in terms of my book I am definitely in ‘isolation from easy publishing’ but things are slightly better with two short stories now being published in anthologies by Centum Press.

As for being isolated from other writers, that’s a bit tricky when you are part of the blogging community. I do sometimes feel though that too much of my creativity is going into my blogs and not enough into my ‘proper’ writing. But then what counts as proper writing? At least I’m doing something!

Writing progress from last week?

None in any of the projects I wrote about! (Oops)

On the other hand I did write a new flash fiction piece that has been accepted for publishing (yay!)

Also I found a piece of writing that I’d forgotten I’d started and I think it might turn into a good short story. Plus I’ve had an idea for a detective story.

So things are moving on. And as for isolation, I’m going camping for a week. No internet, so maybe I’ll get some ‘proper’ writing done!


2 thoughts on “Terrible Isolation”

  1. Martin, a thought provoking post. The notion of proper writing is intriguing. I suppose its the writing that matters, more than where it appears. As you say at least you are doing something. Thank you for posting and enjoy the camping.

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