Every Heart

Every heart sings a song,

incomplete, until another heart

whispers back. Those who wish to

sing always find a song. At the touch

of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.”


I’ve reblogged this from the Eyes+Words blog because I thought it was just great.

It’s even more amazing when you think that Plato actually started out as a wrestler. In fact Plato wasn’t even his real name, it’s a nickname from his wrestling days which means ‘stocky’ or even, if you are feeling unkind, ‘fatso’.

So if a wrestler can:

a) become one of the greatest philosophers of all time


b) express the sentiments above


c) maybe there is hope for me yet!

Eyes + Words


“Every heart sings a song,

incomplete, until another heart

whispers back. Those who wish to

sing always find a song. At the touch

of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.”


Artist Unknown

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