One Hundred Voices


It’s difficult to talk about writing progress in this post because I wrote it a week ago. If only I could travel in time then I’d have been able to skip forward, check my iPad while my other self was off fishing or something, then skip back and give you the low down. But cracking time travel is way down my list, somewhere after repainting the dining room, so you’ll just have to wait until next week.

In the meantime, how do you like my advert for my story “The Third Thing That Made Me Kill Myself”? I wanted something to pin to my Twitter feed to start promoting the book and so came up with this. And in case you’re wondering what the cogs are for, well there’s a bit of time travel in the story as well.

The title is a reference, a homage if you like, to my favourite Raymond Carver short story: The third thing that killed my father off. I read it in his collection ‘What we talk about when we talk about love’ which to me is a masterclass in short story writing. I strongly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in short stories, his are just fantastic.





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