Pick up a Penguin – Cover design part II

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication  Leonardo Da Vinci

the comment by Davy D on my previous post struck a chord and started me thinking about my favourite book covers. Most of them are fairly simple but the one I think is absolutely iconic is the Penguin cover. For a bit of fun I thought I’d see what my book would look like as a Penguin paperback. Here it is:

what do you think?  Pretty cool?

I think the reason I like the Penguin cover so much is that my Dad had so many of them. When I was a kid we had a house full of books with floor to ceiling shelves in the living room and even bookshelves on the landing that you squeezed past to get to your bedroom. In my parents’ room there was a dividing line that marked the boundary between my Mum’s half and my Dad’s, her side full of clothes, my Dad’s full of books. I’ve got this really strong visual memory of shelves of penguins, all the spines together making long alternate stripes of orange, white and orange.

when my Dad died I had to have the house cleared. I just didn’t have the room so the books went along with everything else. 

I kept one.


2 thoughts on “Pick up a Penguin – Cover design part II”

  1. Martin, when I looked at the cover I thought wonderful, you’ve nailed it and got the book deal. The simplicity of the Penguin covers was a joy to behold. It allowed the mind to run free with the title. It must have been a great childhood being surrounded by so many books. A lovely post.

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    1. Alas, I’m not there yet!

      I certainly count myself lucky growing up surrounded by paintings, poetry, literature, and I’m sure that it all fuelled my creative urge.

      Thanks for the like and the comment.


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