Using Canva for Cover Design

If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” –Sir Ken Robinson

I’ve just started using Canva for designing book covers and Twitter posts and I think it is excellent!

I can’t remember how I found it. I think I either saw a tweet or they followed me or something. Anyway, I had cover design in the back of my mind which prompted me to have a look, and I’m really pleased that I did. It’s a free app that I’ve put on my iPad, it’s really intuitive to use and it’s got loads of different stuff you can do. The first thing I did was a Twitter post to advertise my short story published in an anthology:

And once I’d done one it was easy to adapt it to create new ones:

The next thing I tried out was book covers, some of which I have already posted. Here’s the latest one:

You can also use templates for blog posts, Facebook posts, Instagram etc. As well as your own custom design. For the book cover I was able to choose the size in pixels that is the exact size of a standard paperback.

Support is good too. There is a website, a blog and I get emails which actually contain useful info about design and how to use it grow blog traffic etc.

All in all it is well worth a go.


4 thoughts on “Using Canva for Cover Design”

    1. Thanks. I’m really pleased with the designs so far, although I’m still just trying out ideas. I’m thinking of using it to redesign my blog at some point as well.
      Thanks for the comment


    1. Thanks for the like and the comment.
      Glad you like the cover. I think I will keep the image but paint it so that it is more suited to a fantasy book. It’s a view from a stone circle in the outer Hebrides that made a big impression on me when I visited it some years back. There is a bit in the book where I used it for a scene so thought it might work.

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