Writing Progress – not so short stories and weird ideas.


I’m loving the new version of Werdsmith. It’s strange how an App rearranging it’s homepage can have an effect on my writing but I actually feel it helps me to write more and more often, and on that note, here’s what I’m working on.

Ideas (Left hand side) 

Dust (working title) – this is a Sci-Fi story that I am currently working in. I started it about 18 months ago and wrote two short sections. These now join and move forward towards what I hope will be a plot. I see this as being a combination of Heart of Darkness and To Have and Have Not, but set in space , with three armed aliens.

Who runs from Heaven? 

This is a section of another old story rewritten, now on the third version and third title. I finished it about a week ago and I’m giving it a couple of weeks before going back to revise it. Then I need to find somewhere to publish it which could be tricky because at about 4000 WordsSaw is too long for all the flash fiction outlets but too short to publish on its own.

The sign appeared overnight

All I’ve got so far. Possibly a complete but extremely short story. Inspired by a sign that appeared overnight on my regular dog walk. I could see it in the distance but not read it and it prompted a huge amount of curiosity so I thought it would make a good start to a story.

All Bees are called Steve

I overheard one of my kids say this to the other, and thought it made a good opening line. Possibly a second chapter to Hungry  like the wolf, my incomplete story about someone who might be a Psychopath. One idea I have is that every chapter could deal with a different psychopathic trait, and start in a pub.


A new introduction for my novel The Arena of Lost Souls, which I have redrafted and is about to go out to agents again. This will be the third attempt so we will see how it goes. The sentence ‘The Kingdom burned’ was prompted by one of the first rejections in which the agent said they “didn’t warm to the story”. My immediate response was “well maybe I should start it with a great big fire then!”, followed soon after by “Actually, that’s not a bad idea…”

So that’s where I am at the moment. No progress on book 2 other than a new working title “The Valley of the Dead and Lost”, but I’m OK with that as the other things are moving along.




3 thoughts on “Writing Progress – not so short stories and weird ideas.”

    1. I should think so. I really only use it as a writing tool, there’s other stuff you can do like making your work available in their website or something but I’ve never bothered.
      It’s free, give it a try.


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