New Book Cover Designs


As I edge ever closer to self publishing, I thought it was worth trying out some book covers using the picture I painted recently. I tried lots of different designs but in the end there were two that I liked the look of. The one above is the full page picture version,  and then there is this one:


I’m not really sure which I like the best. At the moment I’m twiddling my thumbs waiting for replies from my last lot of agents and couple of publishers who take direct submissions. It makes sense to wait it out, but I am starting to think about what direction to take next. The way I see it is I could go straight to self publish, I could try Kindle Scout where you put your book up for votes and then have a chance of a Kindle publishing deal, or I could try Wattpad to build a following and then self publish, hopefully with some positive reviews.

Meanwhile I am still writing my 100 words per day, currently on what I thought was going to be a short story but is now over 5000 words and keeping going. It’s a Sci Fi idea with aliens and spaceships, a gay hero and a bit of fishing. Here’s a little snippet:

I’ve seen nothing move” Rilk said “What’re we going to do?”
I glanced at Drd. He shrugged, but the growing blue tinge in his eyes told me he was worried.
“Keep going” I said.
“Shields?” Suggested Rilk.
I snorted in laughter. “You’re not on one of your gun ships now” I replied.
“No shields?”
“What about weaponry?”
I reached under the control panel.
“Just this” I said, pumping the shotgun for emphasis. Rilk stared for a moment and then laughed, a great guffawing sound that broke the tension.
“I knew there was a reason I liked you” he said.

No idea where this going to end up but I’m having great fun writing it.


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