Tuesday Review – The Forever Endeavor by Chuck Wendig

Dale Gilooly has a problem. Well, Dale has a lot of problems. Addiction. Rent. A girlfriend he let slip away.But Dale has a solution. It’s a Box. And it will let him go back 10 minutes in time. Enough to fix his new mistakes as they happen. And give him an edge to fix the old ones that haunt him.

Oh, and one other problem: Where did these other Dales come from?

Walter Bard has a problem. Well, Walter has twenty problems. Each of them a body buried in a pumpkin patch. And… they’re all the same. Down to the teeth. 

But Walter has a solution. It’s his job. Solutions. He’s a detective, after all.

I loved this book for all kind of reasons. For a start it’s a fast paced, twisty, time travelling adventure that’s right up my street. Plus it’s well written and it makes you think. Oh, and it has some chapters named with lyrics from one of my favourite Talking Heads songs. All for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

Five stars from me.


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