Tuesday Review – Write, Publish, Repeat


This was the right book at the right time for me. As someone who is about to embark down the self publishing road I was looking for something to help me plan my route through the complexities of this vast area and this book has really helped.

It is not a book about the technicalities of publishing, but then there’s plenty of advice about these out there. This book is more about successful approaches to self (or indie as they call it) publishing in terms of building readership and marketing. I liked the fact that it starts by stressing how indie publishing is for many authors better than traditional publishing but then really makes you think about what it is you want to achieve and what it takes in terms of dedication and hard work. This is not a book about tricks and quick fixes, it is a book for people who are serious about writing in the long term.

Of course there were some things that don’t work for me. For example the authors write very quickly and produce a lot of books, I write very slowly. But then you don’t have to do everything in the book, I’m happy to take the things that will work. For example the authors write series where each episode is a novella of maybe 20 to 30 thousand words. My novel is actually split into three books, so I could actually release them separately. That way I can set the first one as free as a way of getting people interested and I will have two sequels already written to follow it up. Plus I could then release the whole thing as one book but at a price that is discounted against the others. By the time I’ve done that I will hopefully be close to finishing the novella I’m currently writing so there will not be a massive time lag between releases.

So for me it is Indie publishing full steam ahead. I’ll let you know my plans in the near future.


9 thoughts on “Tuesday Review – Write, Publish, Repeat”

  1. Best of luck and it is great when a book comes into your life at the right time. Good too to be able to take what you need rather than try to incorporate a whole approach which might not fit with what matters to you.


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