Introducing Gable Press

As I’m about to launch my independent publishing career, I thought it made sense to have a name for the business. I wanted something that wasn’t genre specific and also had some personal link.

Coming up with names can be tricky so I went to see my friend Al and after a lively discussion fuelled by red wine and  interspersed with furious googling we came up with Gable Press. If your wondering where that came from, well the house I grew up in was called The Gables and it seemed a nice link back to the past. I’ve added a page to my blog which gives a brief introduction (see below) and over time will have details of the books I  publish.

imageThe point of this is that it will make the books look more professional, and I’m aiming to produce the most professional product I can.

As for Martin Swinford, I’ll be introducing him in a future blog post. Let’s just say he’s an old friend and distant relative who, by a remarkable coincidence, has some books that need publishing.


7 thoughts on “Introducing Gable Press”

    1. Thanks for the like and the comment. I think the answer is yes eventually. What I’d really like to do is to work collaboratively with other writers, make Gable Press the home of a group of people who Compliment and support each other. I think that’s a bit of the way down the line though.

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