New Cover Design

So here we are, a new look and a slightly new title as well.

This isn’t necessarily the finished cover. It’s more in the way of a sketch. I was never completely happy with the previous design and so I spent some time thinking about which themes in the book I wanted to portray on the cover. In the end I felt the sword needed to be there, and I wanted to bring out the Celtic element as well, hence the idea of the sword entwined in a Celtic knot. The design is hand drawn, as you can probably tell, and is my own work. I’m going to try a painted version as well as a neater line version and see which looks best.

As for the name change, in an ironic twist following my post The Fellowship Of The Bling , I discovered that there are already two books on Amazon called The Path Of The Sword. This made me feel a bit of an idiot! Having said that, I like the new name better, as it hints at the other boy warriors whose fates are entwined with that of Luan.

So that’s where we are for now.Remember that for a limited time only you can get a free review copy of The Path Of Swords by clicking:

Free Review Copy

The book is a fantasy novella set in alternative Dark Age where boys train as warriors and the world of the spirit is never far away. As the first in the series it introduces Luan, the hero who is taking his first steps on The Path Of Swords.



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