How do you build a world?



There is a certain amount of world building required every time you start a story, but in a fantasy book it’s a fundamental part of the process. In my case the process was based on a series of questions which I had to answer before I could start writing.

What would Britain have been like if it had never been invaded, whether that was by Romans, Saxons, Vikings or Normans. How would our Celtic culture have developed over time?

What if no one had seen horses before?

What if Iron technologies were scarce, but you had the secret while your enemies still used Bronze?

What if the Faerie world of Celtic legend existed, and you could use it to influence events in the real world?

What if you were a man, who saw beyond the petty squabbles of your local tribes, and glimpsed a whole land?

What if you then braved the journey to the spirit world and brought back Iron weapons and horse soldiers and used them to forge a Kingdom?

The answers to these questions led to the creation of the legend of Amhar the Strong, founder of the Kingdom of the young, but The Path Of Swords isn’t his story

That story is set 500 years later.

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The book is a fantasy novella set in alternative Dark Age where boys train as warriors and the world of the spirit is never far away. As the first in the series it introduces Luan, the hero who is taking his first steps on The Path Of Swords.



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