Calling Out Around The World…


…are you ready for a brand new book?

Summer’s here and the time is right to go and take a look!

(Apologies right now to Martha and the Vandellas)

Today you can download The Path Of Swords for free from Amazon.  Just click here:        for the UK           for the US          for Australia (big shout out to the one Australian who has bought it already!)                for Canada                for Germany (sold one there as well. Thanks!)                 love to sell some in India              Come on France!

If you haven’t got a kindle you can also download a kindle app from the same page that will work on any device.

It would be great if you could download it. It will give the book a boost at this early stage that is very important in making it visible. Even if you think it doesn’t sound like your sort of thing and never read it, you will really be helping me.

However if it does sound like your sort of thing then I would love it if you read it. It’s not very long (only about 130 pages) so shouldn’t take up too much time. I would value your opinion.

If you read it and like it then I would be very grateful if you leave a review on Amazon. You can do it on the page where you downloaded the book.

Share the links with anyone you think would like it.


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