About Me

My author Bio reads as follows:

“Martin writes, paints, reads and walks the dog, but not necessarily all at once. He lives in Lincolnshire, England with his family who work tirelessly to keep him from getting too weird. In the time that’s left he teaches Psychology and Mathematics. His biggest fear is getting bored. His current novel is nearly finished and has been for a while.”

I started this blog mainly because I’d started writing (again!) and found myself at that point where it suddenly seemed very daunting. As for the name? Here’s the story:

Nearly twenty years ago I was standing with my form group lined up in front of me, desperately trying to keep them quiet. It was cold, it was windy, it was fire drill. Behind me stood the Headteacher, large and disgruntled. He was haranguing the eight hundred or so students through a megaphone, getting ever more irritated that they weren’t listening.

“We’ve got to stop idiots sounding off like this!” he bellowed.

“Ha!” Behind me an older colleague barked his trademark cynical laugh. “Every time I open my mouth some idiot starts talking,” he muttered.

Never a truer word.

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