How long should a novel be?


Good question. I had no idea. Fortunately Google came to my rescue, and after a fairly random wander through a selection of websites and blogs I came to the conclusion that somewhere in the region of 70 to 100 thousand words seemed about right, with fantasy books at the higher end of this ( all the world setting etc.) and teen novels at the lower end. Now I like a good structure so it made sense for me to have thirty chapters, divided into three sections of ten each, with 2500 words per chapter. This gave me 75 thousand words in total. Which seemed like a plan.

How do you start a novel?


My novel started by decorating a bedroom. I was painting the wall a nice shade of blue and listening to a radio programme where writers were discussing their job. At one point the interviewer asked how much they wrote in a day. One author responded that Joseph Conrad wrote 100 words a day, and that if he himself managed two ‘conrads’ per day he was doing well. “100 words a day?” I thought. “I could do that”

Tha was just over two years ago. Although I haven’t managed to write 100 words every day, I have just about done it on average. Which is why I’m nearly at the end.



Why am I writing this?


Good question. After faffing about with wordpress for the last couple of hours I feel I should be writing a blog about setting up a blog, but I shall stick to the plan.

The thing is I am writing a book. I’ve been writing it for some time. Its even getting to the point that I might actually finish it. So this blog is me working my way through the process of finishing a book and then getting it published. You may be a writer yourself, you may be thinking of writing a book, you might even be interested in my book. I don’t mind, I welcome you to my journey.